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Sawmill and Woodlot Magazine test of Fetching Arch

LogRite Arches

Dear Logrite,
When I was growing up if you wanted to eat, or have hot water, or just wanted to stay warm, you put some wood on the fire. We had no other source of fuel. From the time I was very young, my brothers and I spent untold hours felling, cutting, hauling, bucking, splitting, stacking and replenishing the stockpiles near every stove and furnace throughout the year. I understood and appreciated having the right tools to do the job, even when they were all hand tools back in the early days (50's & 60's). In 1962 I bought my first chain saw and never looked back. Still, you needed a good cant hook along with some other good hand tools, to get the job done. It has been many years since I have needed wood in order to eat or stay warm, but I have never been without wood to burn, nor do I pass up many opportunities to "bring in some wood". This year when my very old cant hook (handle) broke again, I was in the process of looking for a new one when I stumbled onto the Logrite aluminum. I liked the idea of the aluminum handle as I still get into some big stuff every so often, and the wood was always susceptible to breaking. I figured the worse that could happen is that I would bend the aluminum, yeah right! I cannot imagine what it would take to bend this thing, nothing I am going to do for sure! I decided to get the 60" model with the log lifting attachment. What an incredible tool! It bites into any bark on any size log without slippage, and the log lifting attachment allows me to buck big logs into smaller logs, by myself, whenever I want. And with the leverage of the 60" handle, I can move much larger logs than I ever imagined. I am 64 and I can move logs around today that would have given me pause to find help 20 years ago. Trust me I am not stronger than I was 20 years ago, maybe just a bit smarter for having purchased my Logrite cant hook. I love this thing!
Like me, anyone who sees this tool cannot get over how well it is made and how well it works. Thanks for providing us with another great American Made tool!
Martin Aschoff

Dear Kevin,
The log arch arrived intact was easy to assemble and functioned marvelously. Our first test haul was a massive 35 inch in diameter,21 foot long douglas fir sawlog that was successfully transported with ease and absolutly no road surface disturbance! Thank You for excellent product offerings and fast, efficient service. Pleasure doing business with you.
Mike Meyer
The Naturist Ministry
Reed Mtn, CA.

My crew grabbed the arch as soon as I had it together and ran into the woods to drag some logs out! Then they put the hitch on and went to a landing Ĺ mile away to bring back a log left there. They were ecstatic and saw lots of potential. Iím hopeful they realize the potential and that it will help get our production up and costs down. A contractor we had on site felling was also very interested and watched for a while. Itís a well engineered and constructed product. Congrats on it from that perspective. Iíll let you know if it reaches my other expectations!
Harry Groot, CEO
Blue Ridge Forest Cooperative
Hiwassee, VA

LogRite Tools

I really like the LogRite Blue Color!
P James from CT. A.K.A. webmaster.....

I purchased the first Cant Hook sold on the internet by Logrite a few years ago for use with my sawmill in Southern CT. The Logrite Cant Hook has outlasted my wooden Cant hook and I would recommend Logrite products to anyone!
Jere Adametz, Jr.
Killingworth, CT 06419

When youíre working with logs, the first consideration should be safety. Logs are heavy and can get out of control causing damage and injury. When using a cant hook, itís extremely important that it works reliably and will not break under load. Iíve used popular cant hooks with wooden handles for years and was never really happy with them. Few had the right hook shape to bite into the log and the wooden handle would eventually break. For sure, if the handle broke, itíd be at the worst possible time. The first time I handled a LogRite cant hook at a forestry show I knew it was a vast improvement over the old wooden handled cant hooks. We took home three LogRite hooks and put all the wooden handled cant hooks in the corner. Iíve lost track of how many other LogRite cant hooks have been bought by people that have come to our mill and seen these hooks. We recently added a fourth LogRite cant hook to our sawmill operation so that we would have one handy at every station where it could be used. Our old wooden handled cant hooks are hanging on the wall with the rest of the antiques.
Gary ďBibbymanĒ Warden
Warden Sawmill
Fulton, MO 65251

Although I love a good tool, I never gave my cant hook a lot of thought. I bought one that looked just like every other cant hook I'd ever seen. When the logs got big, I soon figured out I needed a bigger cant hook, but wasn't too crazy about a 60" cant hook with a wooden handle. I took some good advice and looked at the LogRite. I got the long and strong handle I was expecting, but also a hook that bites into any log I've ever tried, a level of fit and finish that would make any tool guy proud, and a finish that looks new even after a lot of logs have been rolled about. This isn't your Dad's can't hook (yes, I put the apostrophe in there on purpose), but a modern tool that your grandkids will still be impressed with decades from now. For me, there is no other choice for safety, performance, build quality, or value. This is a whole different animal.
Mark Hitterdal
Suburban Treecycler/Chainsaw Miller
Grain Valley , MO 64029

Extremely Pleased
While I am not one to normally write emails to companies about their products I just received my Logrite Peavey and log jack a few days ago and I have to say that the product exceeded my expectations in all respects. I find it to be very well thought out and built like a tank. I was not sure when I placed my order that the incremental money I spent would be justified (I found other peaveys available for 1/3 less) but can now say I think your product is worth the extra money and then some.
Keep up the good work!
Ned Higgins

I ordered a cant hook and a mill special via the web site on Monday. They arrived today,less than 24 hours after the order. They were well packed and arrived way before I expected them. They look great I can hardly wait to use them.
Thank you
John Sokol
Flow Assessment Services, LLC
Bedford, NH

Some of the best log handling tools made.

I cant say enough good things about logrite, using one of those cant hooks makes for a quick convert from other types!
Dan Shade,
Lexington Park, MD

Hi Folks,
Wanted to say thanks for a wonderful tool. I have a Woodmizer and use the mill fulltime at present. Got your Cant Hook a few months ago. I like it! I especially like the way it grabs big logs.
Murphy Pottage
Vancouver Island, BC

Fantasic tool. A real mans tool that is extremely well-designed and engineered. It is good to see that America can still make world-class products.
Steven R.

I decided after much deliberation to get your product. The cant hook I received is an extremely well made tool, which makes me proud that I bought something worthwhile, that is made in the good ole USA.
Keep up the good work!

October 7th 2008,
I just wanted to let you guys know that the 60" Peavey with the log stand showed up at my front door this past Friday. The wood stand I haven't used it yet, but the Peavey I put to work Saturday and Sunday. It was everything I had hoped for and more. The tree that I am working on is an old oak that came down in a storm. The base of the tree measures 120" around and is 39" inches across. I am cutting the sections at 20" intervals leaving huge chunks of wood for me to try and manuver. Before I ordered the Peavey I alone made the attempt to move the sections of wood and could hardly make the log rock because it had hit the ground so hard when it fell it impressed it's self into the wet soft ground. When I put the 60" Peavey to the log and put my weight into it (223 lbs.) it rolled right out of the rut and I was able to manuver it over to my log splitter. The other logs which were very large as well, were laying down the side of this hill and I was able to roll them after they were cut right back up to the splitter with the Peavey.
It's amazing how much weight a single person can push and pull with the proper tool in hand.
Your Peavey (my Peavey) saved my back, and I know I could not have gotten this particular tree cut up and split without it, without asking someone else to help me. I'm a 52 year old man and all my kids are raised and moved on. Having your tool in my hand was like having a good helping hand with me all day. Your tool is very stout and very strong, just holding it you can feel it was designed to take on the big logs. I know that as long as I show this tool the respect it was designed to do it will serve me for the rest of my days however long that may be. As heavy duty as this Peavey is it would really take some serious abuse to break it. And you know the weight of it really isn't very heavy at all thanks to the aluminum stock it was made from. I'm now thinking about buying one of your arches, but because of the price for one of them I have to condition my wife for a while into thinking like I do. Later.
Mark Nolen

"actually kinda surprised by it, it's made an impossible chore almost easy. I've moved logs as big as I can fit on my mill and it really seems to be up to it. The biggest oak logs are over 2000 lbs and its all I can do to get them to roll, but it moves them. The handle flexes a bit, but I don't move logs that big very often. I got your name from the Norwood Industries (sawmill) chat room, one guy telling how LogRite makes the best you can buy. Seems he was right.
Thanks for a quality product, i will recommend it to all the other sawmill owners i know."
Kyle Wagner about his 60" Peavey.

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